Median Bucholz Cut 1 for tiebreaks

As players can take a bye in round 2-7 it has been decided that Median Bucholz  Cut 1 will be used for tiebreaks. This means that the worst performing opponent will be cut for those playing all games and for those taking a bye of course that “opponent” is cut meaning the bye will not…


A legend joins: Fridrik Olafsson will play the Open

Today, Iceland’s first and oldest Grandmaster announced his participation in the Reykjavik Open. Yes, the legendary Fridrik Olafsson will play! Olafsson shouldn’t need to be introduced, especially not to local fans. He became Iceland’s first Grandmaster in 1958. He participated in the first edition of Reykjavik Open back in 1964 and he is a three…


Maxime in good form

We had a news piece earlier in the month when Maxime was one of the joint winners of the super strong Gibralter Open. Well….he warmed up for the Reykjavik Open by taking first place in the Paris Idf Blitz Championship 2013 which was held Sunday February 17th. Maxime scored an impressive 12 out of 13!…


Organisers working hard!

The organisers got handed over “the keys” to the Harpa music hall today.  Several people are working hard on setting up the playing hall for the tournament which starts tomorrow. Players are arriving and it looks like a record will be set for the number of participants which are well over 200 at the moment!Later…


China defeated Iceland

The rapid match between China and Iceland which was held in the headquarters of Arion Bank finished this weekend with a convincing 47,5-24,5 victory for the guests from China. China outrated Iceland this weekend and outclassed them taking charge early with a 5,5-0,5 victory in the 1st round. Iceland faired better in the 2nd round…


Iceland vs China match

A match between Iceland and China will be held over the weekend in the headquarters of Arion Bank in Iceland. The event is a nice warmup for the Reykjavik Open but both teams are meeting the event with great anticipation. The Chinese team has a rating advantage across the board but the homecourt advantage could…


President of the federation on the radio

Gunnar Björnsson, the president of the Icelandic Chess Federation was on the local government run radio station this morning to promote the tournament. There is also a forthcoming match this weekend between Iceland and China which will be held in the headquarters of Arion Bank.