European Individual Chess Championship 2021
August 26th – September 5th, Reykjavík, Iceland
Part of the Reykjavik Open Festival sponsored by Kvika bank

Please read the border-rules



1. Organizer
The Icelandic Chess Federation under the auspices of the European Chess Union.

2. Venue, Date & Schedule
The tournament will be held in Reykjavík from August 25th (arrival day) until September 6th, 2021
(departure day). The playing venue will be Hotel Natura, Reykjavík.

Wednesday August 25 Arrival day
Wednesday August 25 18:00 Opening Party (Casual)
Wednesday August 25 21:00 Technical meeting
Thursday August 26 14:30 Opening ceremony
Thursday August 26 15:00 Round 1
Friday August 27 15:00 Round 2
Saturday August 28 15:00 Round 3
Sunday August 29 15:00 Round 4
Monday August 30 15:00 Round 5
Tuesday August 31 15:00 Round 6
Wednesday September 1 15:00 Round 7
Thursday September 2 15:00 Round 8
Friday September 3 15:00 Round 9
Saturday September 4 15:00 Round 10
Sunday September 5 13:00 Round 11
Sunday September 5 20:00 Closing ceremony
Monday September 6 Departure day


3. Participation
The European Individual Chess Championship is open to all players representing the Chess Federations
which are members of the European Chess Union, regardless of their title or rating. There is no limit to
participants per federation. However, applications can only be sent by national federations.

4. Registration
– The registration deadline is July 15th. Prolongation of the registration deadline may be possible
for some federations if a very special reason is presented as a justification for the delay.
– To ensure proper tournament standards, only ECU member-federations may present a complete
official registration form (see website) and send it to the contact person before the registration
deadline on July 15th. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted.
– Once the registration deadline expires, organizers reserve the right to refuse late registrations,
or, in case of availability, a penalty fee of 100€ will be charged for each late registration.
– Each player shall pay the amount of 100€ at the moment of their registration before July
15th . This registration fee is compulsory and is considered as confirmation of participation. If
the amount is not paid the registration will be considered invalid and will not be accepted. This
payment includes covering the expenses of transport from Keflavik International Airport to
Hotel Natura or Reykjavík city center and back to the airport, accreditation, identification
badges, refreshments for participants and other organization costs.
– Each coach or accompanying person has to pay the registration fee of 50€ if he or she wishes to
receive the transportation services and the accreditation badges necessary for the playing halls
and ceremonies.


5. ECU Fee
According to the ECU regulations, GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM, and WFM are required to pay a fee of
65€/person, while other players have to pay 130€/person as the entry fee. ECU issues invoices only to
national federations.
According to the ECU regulations (Art. B.9.5.1), the entry fee shall be paid by federations to ECU before
or at the start of the competition. If the entry fee is not paid for a player until the end of round 2, this
player will not be paired in subsequent rounds. The ECU fees must be paid to the account of the
European Chess Union:
Bank: Credit Suisse, Postfach 357, CH – 6301 Zug Account number: 1835105-42
Holder: European Chess Union National Bank Code: 4835
BIC: CRESCHZZXXX IBAN Code: CH3604835183510542000

6. Travel Information
The organizer will provide transport services for all participants from Keflavík (KEF) International
Airport to the official hotels – on August 25th as well as the departure transfer – on September 6th free
of charge. All travel information must be sent by e-mail on not later than
August 1st
Players and accompanying persons who prefer a private transport arrangement should indicate this at
the time of registration. They will be fully responsible for any problems that may arise during their
arrival or departure.

7. Hotel and Meals
– The reservation will be done on a “first come, first served” basis.
– All players and accompanying persons, including coaches, are welcome to stay in the official
hotels of the European Individual Chess Championship.
– All reservations and payments for the official hotels must be made before July 15th
deadline) and only via the organizer.
– Accommodation with benefits such as the use of relaxing thermal swimming pool, fitness studio
and other organized activities, per person per day costs:
FB: Full board
BB: Bed and breakfast
Hotel Natura:
Center Hotels:
All hotels are located within walking distance of the playing hall.
Free bus transportation will be provided to reach the venue (Hotel Natura) from Center Hotels.
More accommodation options may be added later.
Food coupons at discount prizes will be available for several restaurants. More info will be added later.

8. Payments
– After the registration form has been filled in, sent to the organizer and approved by the
organizer, the national federations will receive invoices for bank payments. The invoices will
contain all the necessary details for the bank payment.
– The sender must pay all bank commissions.
– Players must pay the amount of 100€ at the moment of their registration before July
15th, transport fee and payments for the official hotels must be transferred before July
15th, to the following account:
Bank: Landsbankinn, Austurstraeti
Holder: The Icelandic Chess Federation (Skáksamband Íslands), Faxafeni 12, 108 Reykjavík
IBAN Code: IS44 0133 3871 0117 5802 6954 09
Rates per person
(in Euros including all taxes)
Single Room Double Room
Hotel Natura (playing venue) **** 160 FB 130 FB
Center Hotel Plaza ***
Center Hotel Arnarhvoll *** 95 BB 55 BB
Once the bank transfer is validated, the Organizing Committee will confirm the assigned booking
confirmation for all the rooms.

9. Qualifying & Prizes
– The European Individual Chess Championship 2021 is a qualifying event for the FIDE
World Cup 2023. According to FIDE regulations for World Cup and the ECU Board decision,
23 players will qualify*. In case of a tie, the qualification will be determined according to Article
– The total prize fund is 100,000€.

General Standings

Rank Prizes in Euros
1 20,000
2 15,000
3 10,000
4 7,000
5 6,000
6 5,000
7 4,000
8 3,000
9 2,500
10 2,500
11 2,000
12 2,000
13 1,500
14 1,500
15 1,400
16 1,300
17 1,200
18 1,100
19 1,000
20 1,000

Special prizes
Best junior players under 18 years old, born 2003 or later.

Rank Prizes in Euros
1 1,000
2 600
3 400

Seniors born before 31.12. 1971

Rank Prizes in Euros
1 1,000
2 600
3 400

Best Female Player

Rank Prizes in Euros
1 1,000
2 600
3 400
Special Prize (ACP)
According to the agreement between ACP and the Organizing Committee, there will be 5 additional
prizes (1,000€ each, 5,000€ in total) for the 5 highest placed ACP Premium Members, who did not win
a higher prize in the Championship.
Distribution of Prizes
• A player can win one prize only, the highest one available.
• According to Article D.4.5 of the ECU Tournament Rules and Regulations, the prizes will be
equally shared among the players with the same score for the general standings’ prizes.
• The special prizes will not be shared but will be awarded according to the tie-breaking criteria.
• The prizes will be transferred to the ECU bank account by the Chess Federation of Iceland and
then the ECU will transfer the funds to the awarded players’ bank accounts.
*Under the current FIDE World Cup regulations, FIDE is the only body responsible for the qualification

10. Tie-Break System
Ranking & Tie-Break System
The order of players that finish with the same number of points shall be determined by
application of the tie-breaking criteria according to the FIDE World Cup 2023 regulations (Annex 2, Article 3).
In case the Championship is stopped by, or following national or local authorities’ decisions in
regard to pandemic situation, or by some extreme circumstances decided by the ECU together
with the organizers, the final outcome of the event is the following:
If the event is interrupted with 8 or less rounds completed, the event will be rescheduled till
completed at least 9 rounds in a hybrid mode.
If the event is interrupted with 9 or more rounds completed, the Championship is considered
completed, and the final ranking after the 7th round shall be valid.

11. System & Rate of Play
The Championship will be played according to the Swiss system according to the ECU Tournament
Rules and FIDE Rules of Chess. 11 rounds. The playing time will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30
minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. The
default time is 15 minutes for each round.

12. Additional Regulations
Flash photography may only be taken in the first ten minutes of each round. Only the players and arbiters
shall be allowed access to the actual playing area.
Players are not allowed to enter the closed area of the top boards unless they are playing there
themselves. As long as the game is in progress, a player may talk only to an arbiter or to his opponent
as permitted by the Laws of Chess.
The ECU Dress Code is obligatory as in detail described in the ECU regulations, (shorts, caps, slippers,
sunglasses, hats (except for religious reasons) etc. are not allowed).
The ECU anti-cheating guidelines, the FIDE Code of Ethics and the ECU Fair Play Code are valid for
all the European Championships and all players, arbiters, organizers & participants shall follow these

13. Appeals Procedure
Protests against the Chief Arbiter’s decisions must be submitted in written form to the Chairman of the
Appeals Committee within one hour after the completion of the playing session.
The protest must be accompanied by the sum of 200€ as a deposit from the signatory.
If the appeal is upheld, the sum shall be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit will
be forfeited to the European Chess Union. The appeal has to be lodged by the player. The Appeals
Committee’s decisions are final.

14. Arbiters & Appeals Committee
The names of the Chief Arbiter, Deputy Arbiters and the Members of the Appeal Committee will be
announced by the ECU.

15. Medical Service

According to the decision of Icelandic authorities, the following rules will apply at the border and are valid until August 15th.

  1. If you are vaccinated with approved vaccination of EU/WHO or have certification of former infection there are no restrictions on traveling to Iceland and you don’t need a PCR-test to enter the country.More info here:
  2. If you are however not vaccinated nor have certification of a former infection you cannot enter without having PCR, take a test at the airport at arrival, and quarantine in Iceland for five days.

More info here:

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may cause players.

If some players that were already registered would like to cancel his/her participation because of these rules – the organizers will of course refund the organizing fees and accommodation in official hotels.

Changes to these rules are expected around August 5th. The organizers are hoping that the travel restrictions will be eased.

If a 5-day quarantine is still obligatory upon arrival, then special quarantine hotels will be offered to stay at, free of cost for tournament participants and accompanying persons.


During the tournament, medical service will be provided according to the ECU Tournament Regulations.
All participants and technical staff will observe sanitary rules and will behave to minimizing the
infection risks. Sanitary measures will be set up in accordance with the Icelandic legislation and ECU
Upon the arrival in Reykjavik all the players, accompanying persons and staff members shall present a
negative COVID-19 PCR test taken at most 72 hours before departure from the first embarkation point.
Further provisions regarding pandemic safety conditions, including entry to Iceland for vaccinated
participants, the possibility of having rapid Covid-19 tests (in organization expense) during the Event,
will be issued by the 10th of July. Specific regulations regarding safety measures applied during the
Event, will be issued before the start of the Event with the possibility of updating them during the Event.

16. Local Information
– The standard voltage in Iceland is 220 Volts with Euro plugs.
– The local currency is ISK.

17. Visa Information
Iceland is a member of the Schengen Agreement.
A list of countries whose citizens do not need a visa can be found here:
A list of countries whose citizens need a visa can be found here:
The organizers will not be responsible for issuing an invitation for visa purpose if the necessary
information (last name, first name, passport number, date of issue and validity) and a scanned copy of
the passport are submitted after July 1st and payments are not completed.
Player requiring visas are requested to contact the organizers at:

18. Contact information
Contact person: Gunnar Björnsson
Official web site: