All the foreign players, arbiters, and tournament officials will follow the Icelandic state entry protocols to start the tournament as is detailed by the Organizing Committee.


Icelandic players, arbiters, and staff shall show to the organizing committee before the start of 1st round a 48h PCR Test or 24h Rapid Antigen test. 


All Players and arbiters, tournament officials following the 5th round day will have an additional PCR test with the Organizing Committee arrangement.  


Tournament doctors may decide on additional Rapid/PCR tests in special cases or according to the Icelandic health legislation. 


Personal Safety Measures:


Face Masks are obligatory in the playing hall under the current conditions during the round which players can take off during the game while sitting at their table.. 

Arbiters and the rest of officials/staff in the playing hall shall always wear a face mask. 

Surgical, Cloth masks or plastic covers of the face can be used by players/arbiters.  


Screening for Acute Respiratory Infections: Participants shall inform the organizing committee of any health symptoms (fever, cough etc). 


Walking restrictions in the Playing HallIt is highly advisable to not allow any unnecessary walking of the participants in the Playing Hall. 


Hand Sanitizers Hand sanitizers should be hanging at the Entrance of the Playing Hall as well as the  

  Exits of the Toilets, Smoking Areas, and any additional needed areas for the participants.


Social Distancing measures: This includes provision of the safe social distancing (at least 1.5m) from everyone except the opponent.


Safe Playing Environment:


Adequate ventilation of the closed spaces:

  • Open space or open windows that provide an adequate supply of fresh air is the best.
  • Ventilation system that provides adequate circulation of the air inside the closed hall.

Daily disinfection of the touched surfaces in the Playing Venue:


Open Area where one can be allowed to take off the mask.


Doctor’s Room/Isolation room where one can wait for the arrival of medical services in case anyone feels sick. 


Hand Sanitizers at designated places with clear directions of use.


No visitors are allowed in the playing venue. Only players, Arbiters, members of the Appeals Committee and tournament staff. 

Safety Protocols and Special Rules and Regulations hanging in clearly visible places.


Additional state protocols and restrictions shall be also applying according to the laws of each country.