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fifan_footballA new recent tradition has been built up in recent Reykjavik Opens. A soccer match is played between the Icelandic chessplayers and a team of foreign guests. The plan is to keep this new tradition this year.

Last year we had many players participate, including World Champion Magnus Carlsen! Last year we formed a four team tournament with team Iceland and 3 mixed teams. The GM team with Magnus Carlsen came out on top!

fifan_football_inniThe Football match for 2016 will be on the 13th of March which is a Sunday between 22:00-23:00 in the indoor soccer hall Fífan. This year most likely it will be 4 teams and played in roughly seven men teams across the pitch instead of a full court game.

We play on artificial grass and the temperature inside the football-hall is about 15°C.

If you play football you should bring your football equipment with you to Reykjavik !

Registerded players:

We will schedule transport from the Harpa at 21:30 and back to hotels after the match.

Here are some results from past games:


The Mixed GM foreign team won featuring Magnus Carlsen


soccer_matchIceland yet again won in rather easy fashion. The game was a one-way street until the ROW team got a great addition in the form of and Icelandic player with French blood in his veins. The ROW team made a late comeback with some flashy plays by Sebastian Maze and Alexander Ipatov among others. The late comeback wasn’t enough though and the Icelandic team held on.




The Rest of the World team:
GM Hess Robert L USA 2635
GM  Papin Vasily  RUS 2575
GM  Ipatov Alexander    TUR    2561
IM Arnold Marc T USA 2502
Coleman Teddy USA 2356
Gislason Gudmundur ISL 2346
Doggers Peter    NED    2265
FM Langer Michael    USA    2217
Vanheirzeele Daniel    BEL    2161
Stam Bart    NED    2048
Calder Dennis    GER    1948

The Icelandic team:
FM Kjartansson David ISL 2305
FM Einarsson Halldor Gretar ISL 2239
Olafsson Thorvardur ISL 2147
Eliasson Kristjan ORN ISL 1868
Sigurjonsson Stefan Th ISL 2117
Andrason Pall ISL 1741
Sigurdsson Birkir Karl ISL 1716
Hardarson Jon Trausti ISL 1688
IA Sigurdsson Pall  ISL
Jonsson Jon Gunnar ISL

Journalist and audience
IM Krush Irina USA 2461
Macauley Peterson
Runar Berg ISL



Final standing:  3-3


Foreign Team:
1 Jon Ludvig Hammer Norway
2 Nicolai Getz Norway
3 Julian Geske Germany
4 Oliver Duchrow Germany
5 Sergio Huguet Honduras
6 Reyk Schaefer Germany
7 Frank Braig Germany
8 Markus Schwenke Germany
9 Frank Rehfeldt Germany
10 Bernd Salewski Germany
11 Dennis Calder Germany

Icelandic Team

Jón Viktor Gunnarsson IM
Ingvar Þór Jóhannesson FM
Guðmundur Kjartansson IM
Guðmundur Gíslason FM
Halldór Grétar Einarsson FM
Páll Andrason
Eiríkur Örn Brynjarsson
Gunnar Björnsson IA
Kristján Örn Elíason VM (Video Master)
Jón Gunnar Jónsson
Páll Sigurðsson IA

Final standing:  5-4 for Iceland after an exciting match