Registrations are supposed to be done through the federation. Please contact your federation!

Other information

  • The registration deadline is July 15th. Prolongation of the registration deadline may be possible for some federations if a very special reason is presented as a justification for the delay.
  • To ensure proper tournament standards, only ECU member-federations may present a complete official registration form (see website) and send it to the contact person before the registration deadline on July 15th. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted.
  • Once the registration deadline expires, organizers reserve the right to refuse late registrations, or, in case of availability, a penalty fee of 100€ will be charged for each late registration.
  • Each player shall pay the amount of 100€ at the moment of their registration before July 15th . This registration fee is compulsory and is considered as confirmation of participation. If the amount is not paid the registration will be considered invalid and will not be accepted. This payment includes covering the expenses of transport from Keflavik International Airport to Hotel Natura or Reykjavík city center and back to the airport, accreditation, identification badges, refreshments for participants and other organization costs.
  • Each coach or accompanying person has to pay the registration fee of 50€ if he or she wishes to receive the transportation services and the accreditation badges necessary for the playing halls and ceremonies.

ECU-fee (paid to ECU)

  • According to the ECU regulations, GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM, and WFM are required to pay a fee of 65€/person, while other players have to pay 130€/person as the entry fee. ECU issues invoices only to national federations.
  • Bank: Credit Suisse, Postfach 357, CH – 6301 Zug Account number: 1835105-42
  • Holder: European Chess Union National Bank Code: 4835
  • BIC: CRESCHZZXXX IBAN Code: CH3604835183510542000