The Pub Quiz is tonight!!

Dear competitors of Reykjavik Open and visitors. If you want to participate in the 2015 Reykjavik Open Pub Quiz simply show up at Hotel Plaza before 22:00 tonight. Hotel Plaza is very near the center if you know where 10-11 is, simply walk out the door and to the right and you can’t help but…


Round 4

As per the title of a book by Andras Adorjan, “Black is OK!”.  And Black was much more than just OK during yesterday’s 4th round of the Reykjavik Open, as the players leading the black pieces scored no less than 9.5 points from the top 12 boards! From the 7 top pairings of leaders on 3/3,…


Rounds 2 & 3

Yesterday the only double round of the tournament was played at Harpa and we saw the first serious upsets. The biggest surprise on the top boards in the morning round was Daniel Bisby’s (2321) win against Sergei Movsesian (2665)! Several GMs were also held to draws, notably Melkumyan by Rosner, Granda by Antal, or Naroditsky…


Round 1

After a very brief and informal opening party on Monday evening, things got serious yesterday as the 30th edition of the Reykjavik Open got underway at the magnificent Harpa concert hall. This year’s edition is a very special one, as it is held in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the legendary Icelandic grandmaster and…


An hour away!

The opening ceremony starts in about 20-30 minutes and the 1st round will kick off in about an hour!

The weather in Iceland right now is pretty windy so some players have had trouble arriving because of delayed flights so there will be some byes in the first round.