An hour away!

The opening ceremony starts in about 20-30 minutes and the 1st round will kick off in about an hour!

The weather in Iceland right now is pretty windy so some players have had trouble arriving because of delayed flights so there will be some byes in the first round.


Reykjavik Open 2015 starts tomorrow!

We are one day away from the 2015 Reykjavik Open! The 3oth edition of the tournament will take place between March 10th and 18th. This years tournament is to honor the recent 80th birthday of local chess hero and Iceland’s first Grandmaster, Fridrik Olafsson. It looks like we will break another record this year as…


History of the Reykjavik Open

Following the 50 year anniversary of the Reykjavik Open last year GM Helgi Olafsson took on the massive assignment of documenting the history of this prestigious tournament. Before the start of this years open the first volume of two will be published in Iceland. Although the book is in Icelandic, we know that many book…